CEED offers a broad spectrum of services in the following areas:

Keeping in mind the publicís enlarged environmental concerns, CEEDís information and data-base wing will be assisting its clients in providing the information on environment related subjects. This wing will basically be dealing with collection, collation, retrieval and dissemination of information in the following areas and other allied aspects.

  •  Sustainable development

  •  Natural Resources Management.

  •  Environmental Audit

  •  Clean Technology

  •  Solid waste and Hazardous wastes.

  •  Environmental Impact Assessment.

  •  Environmental standards.

  •  Environmental Legislation and policy.

  •  Carrying capacity.

  •  Environmental Planning.

  •  Disaster Management plan.

Services in this division include project formulation and implementation in:

  •  Waste and waste water analysis.

  •  Air quality monitoring.

  •  Noise Levels.

  •  Reuse and Recycling of waste material.

  •  Storage, handling and disposal techniques of solid wastes and hazardous wastes.

  •  Environmental Impact Assessment.

  •  Environmental Audit.

  •  Energy Audit.

  •  Carrying capacity.

  •  Ecological modeling.

  •  Biological monitoring.

  •  Technology Transfer.

  •  Common Effluent Treatment Plant(CETP).

  •  Risk Assessment.

  •  Coastal Resources Management.

  •  Natural Resources management.

  •  Bio-diversity.

  •  Environmental standards.


  •  Seminars/symposia

  •  Conferences/workshops

  •  Exhibitions/demonstrations

  •  Training and workshops for three target group viz.

(1) Management Executives
(2) Middle Level
(3) Junior level (thrust will be given to interdisciplinary subjects, with specific reference to local issue.)

  •  Production of audio-visuals/films on environment.


  •  Environmental Impact Assessment.

  •  Carrying capacity.

  •  Environmental Audit.

  •  Clean Technology

  •  Waste Minimization

  •  Solid/hazardous waste management

  •  Sustainable development.

  •  Environmental Legislation & Policy.

 This wing will cater to the service needs of the following target groups

Target Groups

  •  Academicians and professionals.

  •  Entrepreneurs.

  •  Management Executives.

  •  Policy makers.

  •  Politicians.

  •  Government and non-Government organizations.

  •  General Public.

CEEDís experienced environmental team provides a full range of Consultancy services in the following areas:

  •  Environmental Impact Assessment.

  •  Environmental Monitoring.

  •  Air quality studies.

  •  Water and waste water analysis.

  •  Socio-Economic studies.

  •  Soil Characteristics.

  •  Land use pattern.

  •  Ecological studies.

  •  Solid waste management.

  •  Hazardous waste management.

  •  Waste recycling.

  •  Effluent Treatment Plant Design and Implementation.

  •  Disaster management plan.

  •  Rehabilitation studies.

  •  Noise studies.

  •  Risk Assessment.

  •  Environmental Audits.

  •  Environmental Planning.

  •  Training & Education.

While a wholesome environment is a cherished goal, Management is a valuable means for achieving that goal. Areas of expertise in this wing include:

  •  Natural resources management.

  •  Waste water management.

  •  Water management.

  •  Solid waste management.

  •  Hazardous waste management.

  •  Environmental management plan.

  •  Rural health management.

  •  Coastal resources management.

  •  Disaster management plan.



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